Regulations and conditions

Regulations for visiting the Safari Ravenna Park:
NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR CAR: if necessary, honk your horn. DO NOT THROW WASTE: photographic material and plastic bags are very dangerous for animals. DOGS OR OTHER ANIMALS:
As a matter of safety, only small dogs are allowed in the Safari Area exclusively in their own cars (dogs are not allowed to access the train or electric car service). For other bigger ones, the Park provides special stalls for their parking. DO NOT OFFER FOOD TO ANIMALS: for their well-being and to avoid suffering any damage to the bodywork of your car. In fact, the park management provides adequate nutrition for all species. In all departments always keep the windows closed
By accessing the park, the visitor undertakes to observe the regulations and any provisions of the service staff, in addition to the rules dictated by usual prudence. In any case, the property and the personnel in charge will not be responsible for any damage to people or things due to failure to comply with the regulations and provisions. They also reserve the right, at any time, to suspend the continuation of the visit without being required to provide the reason, and this will not give rise to the right to compensation or compensation. The Management reserves the right to change programs, times and prices without notice. Any interruptions to visits due to force majeure or weather events do not constitute grounds for complaint or refund of tickets.