The Safari Ravenna Faunal and Zoological Park is a zero-impact natural area.

It is designed to enhance its role in biodiversity conservation, aiming to protect wildlife, safeguard the well-being of different animal species, and preserve those at risk of extinction.

“You cannot love what you do not know.”

Professor Giorgio Celli

Starting from the premise that “you cannot love what you do not know,” Safari Ravenna aims to be a meeting place for humans, animals, and the environment, with the goal of fostering a more conscious relationship.

The Safari Ravenna zoological park is an open space that houses animals of different species.

These animals are all born in zoological environments, and Safari Ravenna has decided to take care of them with the intention of preserving biological diversity.

Within the Safari Ravenna Park, there is a high level of quality in the custody and care of animals, through the implementation of comprehensive and specific preventive and curative veterinary treatments.

The Safari Ravenna zoo is an open space that welcomes animals of different species.

Scientific research and conservation of endangered species

Safari Ravenna has initiated scientific research projects concerning animal welfare within the park and the repopulation of protected species at risk of extinction, collaborating with some of the most prestigious Italian and European universities and institutes.

Among these are the University of Roma Tre, the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia-Romagna “Bruno Ubertini”, the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences at the University of Bologna, and the Department of Public Health and Animal Husbandry at the University of Bari.

Protection and repopulation programs for protected and endangered species are carried out in collaboration not only with research institutes but also with parks and wildlife facilities worldwide.

Such collaborations and research contribute to ensuring the maintenance of good genetic diversity in offspring, omitting any invasive techniques for animals, thus avoiding the problems that arise in the case of inbreeding, in accordance with the decisions of the World Conference on Biodiversity in 1992.

Environmental sustainability

Great attention has been paid to the principles of environmental sustainability in the construction of the Ravenna Faunal Park, which is now perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

A concrete example of this is the network of canals scattered throughout the safari area, which allows for the collection, filtering, purification, and storage of water for reuse in the park itself. There are also photovoltaic systems equivalent to those of a city of 4,300 inhabitants, producing 2 Megawatts of energy (90% of which is supplied to the city of Ravenna); service structures (animal shelters, warehouses, prefabricated wooden or metal educational buildings) are all fully removable to make the area available for agricultural use at any time. Additionally, for the well-being of the hosted species, mounds and artificial wooden barriers have been created, including a large 4-meter barrier on the Bevano Adriatic front to deflect any external noises.

Such care for environmental sustainability and animals is a concrete example of how nature, fun, recreation, and knowledge can be combined.

Education and Awareness Programs Awareness Programs

Consistent with established regulations, Safari Ravenna Wildlife Park promotes and implements education and awareness programs for the public and the school community regarding biodiversity conservation.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff and park initiatives, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the habits, behaviors, and characteristics of the animal world, while also gaining an understanding of fundamental life values.

Our approach and philosophy are inspired by “edutainment” (education + entertainment), teaching through enjoyable experiences.

Safari Ravenna offers specific educational workshops for schools, addressing animal-related topics and directly involving children and teenagers through hands-on activities such as crafting and drawing.

Veterinary Affiliations and Rehabilitation Efforts

For the welfare of the animals in the park, a 24-hour veterinary service is available.

Together with environmental units, this service manages Animal Care, a small hospital center for injured animals within Safari Ravenna.

Additionally, Safari Ravenna collaborates with the Forestry Corps and Exotic Animal Reception Centers to provide hospitality, care, and assistance to exotic animals from various situations, including abandonment and confiscation.

Professionalism and Passion of Park Staff

Working with animals requires continuous and delicate commitment. The Safari Ravenna staff consists of approximately thirty individuals dedicated to the care and maintenance of the park’s guests across various roles and tasks.

I Keepers

Keepers, the dynamic core of the park, handle animal feeding, cleaning, and habitat construction and maintenance. They undergo specialized training through advanced courses, preparing them for various situations involving dangerous, injured, or frightened animals.

The guides

Guides, known as the “voice of nature,” bridge the gap between the fascinating secrets of animals and visitors. Specialized guides at Safari Ravenna are not just conveyors of information but creators of emotions, immersing visitors in the magical atmosphere of the safari by sharing interesting facts and stories about the park’s species.

The veterinary staff,

highly specialized and experienced, monitors the health conditions of Safari Ravenna’s guests around the clock. The veterinary staff, highly specialized and experienced, monitors the health conditions of Safari Ravenna’s guests around the clock. They operate within a state-of-the-art clinic, equipped to accommodate and treat a wide range of animal species.

Office and Catering Services

Our competent and qualified staff are dedicated to ensuring that visitors have an unforgettable experience at Safari Ravenna.
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