Frequently ask questions

Booking a visit to the Park is not necessary; you can arrive and access directly.

The entrance fee to Safari Ravenna is as follows:

€26.00 for ages 11 and up

€21.00 for children ages 3 to 10

Admission is free for children under 4 years old

Tickets can be purchased at the Park or on our website. Tickets purchased on the website are considered open and valid for the entire current season according to the opening calendar.

The fee to access the Park is a single fee and includes both the Safari area and the Pedestrian area. Visitors can choose to visit only one area, but the cost remains the same.

You can access the Park from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (last entry). The Park closes at 5:00 pm. On some days, as indicated on our calendar, the Park will open at 9:30 am.

You can tour the safari area with your own vehicle (including campers) or with the vehicles provided by the Park:

Park-guided train with a supplement of €4.00 per paying person

You can choose to rent electric cars, which have variable prices (based on the number of seats required and availability at the time):

4/5 seats €15.00

6/7 seats €20.00

– 8/9 seats €25.00

Electric cars and trains cannot be reserved but can be requested at the ticket office upon arrival. It is a first-come, first-served service.

In the Safari: Small dogs can tour the safari area with their owners, avoiding being visible to our animals. Medium/large dogs must stay in special boxes located at the park entrance for the duration of the safari (about 1 hour).

In the Pedestrian Area: All dogs are allowed but must always remain on a leash (muzzle required for aggressive dogs).

The safari tour lasts about 1 hour, and additional time is needed for visiting the pedestrian area. The complete tour requires at least 3 hours.

Here is our proposal for mixed groups (minimum 29 paying people)

€18.00 per person for entry with your own bus

An additional €4.00 if you choose to take the tour with the park train and guide

The group leader receives free admission, and children under 3 years old, disabled minors, blind individuals, and wheelchair users receive free admission as well.

Booking is necessary by requesting the booking form at this email

With the Safari ticket, the inflatable area costs €8.00, without the Safari ticket, it costs €10.00.

The cost is €5.00 for cars and €7.00 for campers. Overnight parking is not allowed. If you exit and re-enter the parking lot, you will need to make a second payment to exit again.

There is a bar/refreshment area where you can choose from sandwiches, pizzas, piadinas, hamburgers , as well as hot and cold dishes including first courses, main courses, and side dishes. There are also two additional bar points in the park.

Yes, the refreshment area offers gluten-free dishes.